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 Readme for:  Game » Shmup » ketm.lha


Description: A Very stylish Shoot Em up
Download: ketm.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 0.6
Date: 19 Nov 2005
Author: Walter Haslbeck / ToAks
Submitter: tony aksnes
Email: tony aksnes/broadpark no
Homepage: http://happypenguin.org/show?ketm
Requirements: OS4 PRE 3 or better
Category: game/shmup
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 1304
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 354  (Current version)
354  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Kill Everything That Moves OS4:

First of all , this game seems to be discontinued before they added sound so
there is NO SOUND in this release (which is very sad!).

Secondly , I had to disable FullScreen modes due to various buggy code but one
of them was that it insisted on looking for unknown registers and changing them
didnt help much (someone else might , if so contact me)  (sorry for releasing
like this)

Finally , i Released this port because i found this project to be really good
even in such unfinished conditions and i wouldnt mind continue developing this
project but i have tried reaching the author and its proven to be hard (the
website is down and the email service just fails)

Have fun with this little gem that could have been something really good.

Some Features:

Big End Of Level Bosses
Particle Engine (albeit abit slow at times)
Lots and Lots of Weapon Upgrades
Ship upgrades like speed and thrust.
Slick Gfx (which aims to look alot like an old CoinOp Classic) Parallax
Scrolling And so on.

The orginal Changelog is attached (keep in mind that some stuff has been
disabled / on and off.)

20010518: v0.0.1
 * first (in-?) official release (pre-alpha)

 * added preliminary joystick support (start game with option -j)
 * changed menu-select-key from RETURN to SPACE to simplify joystick

 * small bugfix in command-line-option handling
 * set SDL_FULLSCREEN and SDL_DOUBLEBUF mutual exclusive to get better
   results in DGA mode
 * new weapon for player: killray

 * small changes in intro (no fadeout anymore)
 * implemented time-out in menu
 * got rid of "defines.h"
 * start of implemtation of the hi-score list (display done)

 * added fullscreen/window toggle switch in option menu
 * small bugfix in font.h
 * finished hi-score display
 * start of hi-score entry code

 * finished hi-score entry code
 * implemented a cheap-alpha-blit-routine (dont know if i should use it)
 * added simple ketm logo fadein to game-intro
 * display actual hiscore in the game-status line
 * small bugfix in player.c (allow no keycontrol if player is dead)

 * released version 0.0.2

 * small bugfixes (SDL_FillRect), thanks to Charles Vidal for the bugreport
 * Makefile update, should compile with FreeBSD now. (Thanks to Tsuyoshi
   Iguchi for the patch)

 * bugfix in getpixel/putpixel, should work correct with 24bit screen now
 * quit hiscore-list with anykey (back to menu)
 * changed default-bitdepth to 16
 * changed behaviour of killray (dont disappears when hit an enemy)

 * added new method of frameskip/framewait to guarantee same gamespeed
   on all machines (Thank you Benjamin Niemann for your suggestion)
 * added fps-display (activate it in option menu)
 * another bugfix: added type to sprite_work to prevent moving enemys
   when game is paused
 * changed the menu effect a bit
 * removed option "-8" (force 8-bit screen), 'cause it doesn't make

 * new enemy (rwingx)

 * new enemy (boss)

 * extracted score display to new file score.c
 * corrected makefile
 * new, povray-rendered bonus-items
 * added bonus "s" (increase player speed)
 * new gameover-sequence
 * added a visual feedback when you get a bonusitem
 * removed bug in particle system which made particles only fly
   in north direction when (cross-)compiled with mingw32.

 * new enemy (cir)

 * new player sprite (thanks el fabio)

 * added pixelbased-particlesystem (e.g. for player nozzle)

 * released version 0.0.3

 * corrected cloud parallax scrolling (thanks Elton Fry for your mail)
 * got some new sprites by Fabien and:
 * new player weapon: fireball
 * implemented different weapon strength
 * new enemys: badguy and protectball

 * new enemy: plasmaball

 * bugfix in show hiscore table
 * player extra weapon: homing missiles

 * added a reticule on targeted enemys
 * implemented advanced sprite priority (256 levels)
 * added new bonus: extra (for now you get only the homing missiles)
 * added score and lives to player-data struct (hmmm... smells like
   multiplayer comming soon ;))

 * new extra: shield
 * some bugfixes, some code cleanup

 * mmalloc(): starts a GC if malloc() returns NULL
 * released version 0.0.4

 * some bugfixes

 * some changes on boss01
 * some changes in menu

 * added "sprite controller". now its possible to "group" sprites.
 * reworked bonus stuff a bit

 * new extra weapon: homing laser
 * small bugfix in errorhandler that caused a segfault on some systems
   (e.g. PPCLinux)

 * new bonus item: energy/health

 * bugfix in sprite/col.-detect
 * added boss02

 * some more work on boss02

 * fixed the fps display (display the avg. fps of 50 frames now)
 * some work on bg display, moved all the bg-related stuff to bg.[c|h]
 * started work on version 0.0.6 (0.0.5 was never released to
   the public)

 * font changes
 * new display format (portait, 320x480) to make the game more
   "shooter-like" and as a bonus it runs faster on slow machines
   due to the smaller bitmap size
 * optimized the behaviour of the hiscore-entry routine a bit

 * some bugfixes
 * new enemy

 * finetuning on some enemys
 * some changes int the framewait code
 * new enemy (curver)

 * some changes on boss01

 * implemented extern level-dat files

 * released version 0.0.6

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