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 Readme for:  Graphics » Icon » cha05e90_icons_2010-1.lha


Description: cha05e90 Icons 2010-1
Download: cha05e90_icons_2010-1.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3Mb
Version: 1.1
Date: 22 Jul 2010
Author: Frank Ruthe
Submitter: Frank Ruthe
Email: frank/ruthe info
Category: graphics/icon
Replaces: graphics/icon/cha05e90_icons_2010-1.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 5718
Comments: 4
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 652  (Current version)
786  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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cha05e90 Icons 2010-1

This package contains new and re-worked icons fitting to the official OS4.1
Update 1 look from Martin 'mason' Merz (64x64 pixel 32Bit).

This is a slightly updated re-release; included are

def_icons (i.e. def_e, def_script, ...),
drawer icons (i.e. source code files, mail files, FinalOffice ...),
dock icons (i.e. def_amicygnix_dock, def_drives_dock, ...),
full package iconsets incl. drawer icons (i.e. AdPro, VistaPro, CubicIDE,
MainActor, Rebol, ...),
single application icons incl. drawer icons (i.e. AWeb, fxPaint, Findfile,
Diskspeed, Photogenics, ...).

While being far away from real "artwork", this icons might nevertheless be
useful enough for other people, too.


- Big thanks to Martin 'mason' Merz and Ken Lester, whose great art work
apparently furnished as "raw material" for my icons.
- To many to mention free sources for (icon) artwork, often derived from Linux
desktop environments.
- Thanks goes to PEB and his PNG_Icon_Editor.
- Other used software: ArtEffect4, Photogenics5 and FXPaint2.


1.0 (02. Mar. 2010)
 - initial release.

1.1 (21. July 2010)
 - some cosmetics and addition of some icons, that didn't make it into the first


Any comments, suggestions and complaints?
-> frank/ruthe info    

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
cha05e90_icons_2009.lha1.0558kb14 Feb 20104.0754¤ Cha05e90_icons_2009 - cha05e90 Icons 2009
cha05e90_icons_2010-2.lha1.04Mb10 Sep 20104.0681¤ Cha05e90_icons_2010-2 - cha05e90 Icons 2010-2
cha05e90_icons_2010-3.lha1.03Mb22 Dec 20104.0615¤ Cha05e90_icons_2010-3 - cha05e90 Icons 2010-3
cha05e90_icons_2011.lha1.01Mb22 Dec 20114.0613¤ Cha05e90_icons_2011 - cha05e90 Icons 2011
cha05e90_icons_2012.lha1.02Mb20 Dec 20124.0611¤ Cha05e90_icons_2012 - cha05e90 Icons 2012
cha05e90_icons_2013.lha1.02Mb26 Nov 20134.0911¤ cha05e90_Icons_2013 - 64x64 glowicons
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