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 Readme for:  Library » Misc » qt-minimal.lha


Description: Qt 4.7 - Multiplatform Gui Toolkit (Minimal)
Download: qt-minimal.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 72Mb
Version: 1.1.0
Date: 17 Jan 2017
Author: The Qt Company
Submitter: Alfkil Thorbjørn Wennermark
Homepage: https://sourceforge.net/projects/qtamigaosnative/files/
Requirements: OS4.1 Final Edition
Category: library/misc
Replaces: library/misc/qt-minimal.lha
License: LGPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10122
Comments: 1
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 657  (Current version)
1025  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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NOTE: This is the minimal distribution of Qt for AmigaOS4.
This archive will enable you to run Qt apps on your Amiga
system. It will not make it possible for you to develop Qt
apps and compile existing Qt code. For this purpose, you
will need to either upgrade your Qt install with the
examples, docs and development tools. You can find this
upgrade, along with a full distribution of Qt, at the
sourceforge page for Qt AmigaOS4:


====================== DISCLAIMER =========================

See LICENSE.LGPL for complete conditions of usage.

===================== INTRODUCTION ========================

This is Qt for AmigaOS4 Final Edition.

Qt is a multi-platform gui toolkit developed by the Qt
Company. It enables building of userinterface related apps
on different systems with roughly the same user experience
as a result. It comes for MacOS X, Windows, Linux and a
host of other systems. Now this port enables you to use
and develop Qt apps as well.

There is already a farly rich amount of Qt apps available
for AmigaOS4. You can find them on os4depot.net or at the
pages for the individual developers/porters. There is also
a support/discussion forum at www.amigans.net. Feel free
to drop by here and share your experience.


====================== INSTALLATION =======================

Use the supplied install script. If in doubt about anything,
contact the author or write a message in the online forum.

========================== PREFS ==========================

From this present version, there is no more need for a
special specification of 'recommended' settings. Feel free
to experiment with the settings, and if in doubt about
anything, write a message in the online forum and explain
your reservation.

Although no setting is more recommended than others, there
is still need to elicit, that certain features have
limitations in their native flavour compared to their Qt
(or OpenGL) counterpart. For instance, do not expect the
native file dialogs to be as manyfacetted in their possible
uses as compared to the Qt dialogs. When all that is said,
there is no reason other than taste to prefer one setting
over another.

======================= KNOWN ISSUES ======================

- QProcess is not complete.
- QSound is a stub.
- Qt menus steals window focus.
- No streaming media support.

========================= HISTORY ========================

1.1.0:	- Fixed compatibility issues with OS4.1 Final Edition Update 1. It is
highly recommended, that you
				use this version of the OS from now on.
		- Included an option to mute Volume requesters from the Qt prefs app. This is
turned on by default.

1.0.0:	- Solved a definition conflict in some of the headers. Old apps might
need rebuild.
		- Bumped version number.
		- Implemented fullscreen, showMaximized and showMinimized for QWidgets.
		- Clicking the minimize gadget of a window no longer halts execution of the
application completely.

0.9.4:	- Solved two problems with context menus:
			1) Crash in SMTube.
			2) Semi-lock when clicking outside Qt window.
		- Solved varous double clicking issues, among others with tab widgets.
		- FontConfig progress bar is gone.
		- webkit module has been rebuilt with NDEBUG for more lightweight and text
output free functioning.
		- Fixed a few issues, that gave rise to annoying popups asking for
non-existing volumes when using
				Qt file dialogs.
		- ASL requesters as Qt file dialogs have been completely reworked. They should
now be safe to use.
		- Native font rendering is much improved and should now be used as standard,
if you want the best
				user experience.
		- Qt prefs have been brushed up, and looks much more tidy + better label texts
for descriptive
		- Native paint module has been updated to use OS4.1 Final Edition graphics
function. Now only Final
				Edition and up is supported.
		- Intuition gradients have been removed as an option in the native paint
engine. Solved a few
				graphics mistakes.
		- SSL support in network module has been tidied up with removal of a few text
output cases and
				support for all ssl protocols.
		- + a few instances of error code 0 have been muted.
		+ probably more, but my original history statement was lost due to a bug in
lha :-/.
0.9.3:  - Native menus now use the new BOOPSI menu class. Only OS4.1 Final

0.9.2:	- Fixed a problem with window resizing and frozen windows (Wally)
		- Fixed a problem with start from workbench (JuffEd)
		- Fixed a problem in QPluginLoader preventing plugins from being unloaded and
thus apps from closing down (JuffEd)
		- Rebuilt and updated the shared objects folder in the install archive
		- Wanted to implement a python installer, but failed (TODO)
		- Fixed QDirModel to work with Amiga/Unix-emu paths (JuffEd)
		- Parsing of WB arguments as normal CLI strings enables drag and drop on App

0.9.1:	- Fixed issues with opengl render
		- Fixed issues with QFileSystemWatcher
		- Fixed issues with Locale and codecs (codec no longer needs to be set in
prefs, they are loaded from system locale)
		- Fixed issues with focus on opening a new window
		- Fixed user input issues (double click on tabs, dragging scrollers, wheel
support for popups etc.)
		- intuition sizegadget/bar is now optional for mainwindows with
		- Physical DPI for screens set to 72
		- Fixed a crash in QSysTrayIcon
		- Massive improvements to QProcess
		- Fixed an issue with drawing polygons with penwidth=0 (windows style)
		- Iconfication will now iconify all open windows for the current app
(+uniconify issues fixed)
		- Fixed an issue with window contents "spilling over" window on resize
		- Fixed an issue with override cursors (EasyPaint)

0.9.0:	- Native rendering improved (lots of bugfixes, new implementations,
			check out demos/embeddeddialogs for a good example!
		- webkit support
		- built on amigaos4 (X1000) instead of dreadful cross compiling :)
		- prefs system changed
		- QFileSystemWatcher implemented
		- QSystemTrayIcon implemented (useful for the wally app)
		- Fixed keyboard and mouse grabbing bugs
		- mouse input system completely restructured
		- QtNetwork improved (sockets no longer need a dummy timer to do input,
							QLocalSocket/Server included(tcp))
		- more demos and examples included
		- 16 bit screens supported
		- native clipboard support for text and images
		- no more scrolling bugs (hopefully)
		- mouse press events would get swallowed on double click, fixed
		- popups will close on deactivate
		- tooltips no longer steal focus
		- default language option added in qtprefs
		- lots of other details

0.8.6:	- lots of small fixes
		- bold and italic font styles implemented
		- prefs updated correctly (SDK)
0.8.5:	- native painting and native fonts (see Qt prefs)

0.8.4:	- Implemented QWidget::grabMouse()
		- Implemented QPixmap::grabWindow()
		- Implemented QPixmap::toImage()
		- Various small tidbits to make flasQ work
		- QtScript added (not tested very much)
		- added the linguist toolchain

0.8.3:	- fixed problem with qmake when using cmake
		- fixed QtCore dependencies of ssl and crypto libs (should
			be QtNetwork and not QtCore)
		- including the correct version ssl and crypto libs
		- Chris' (unsatisfactorysoftware) datatype imagereader included
		- fixed issue with tooltips deactivating main window (QSimpleSheet)
		- fixed issue with locking file requesters
		- fixed issues with multiple toolbars giving garbled graphics
			(also applies to other areas). See QSimpleSheet.
		- implemented graphic hover events for buttons
		- fixed editing problem in tables
		- fixed text edit cursor issues
		- added fontconfig progress bar

0.8.2:	- resize gadget OFF fixed
		- resize max and min fixed
		- prefs issues solved
		- "blocked text" render bug fixed
		- drag and drop cursors implemented (system override cursor)
		- window opening is now delayed to avoid the irritating alignment issues
		- the "fat" bar (resize bar) of the window now appears at the bottom
		- install script now copies libs correctly
		- mousewheel now scrolls in the right direction

0.8.1:	- fixed some problems with dnd (dragging outside window crash)
		- fixed designer menu crash and designer hang at exit bug
		- copied draganddrop examples properly
		- fixed crash in qtprefs
		- fixed problems with install script
		- added QT_RIGHT_TO_MIDDLE_MOUSE flag in qprefs
		- various fixes and modifications

0.8b:	- env variable QT_CODEC_FOR_CSTRINGS added (see above)
		- env variable QT_DOUBLECLICK removed (see above)
		- env variable QT_NATIVE_MENUS enabled!
		- enb variable QT_WHEEL_SENSITIVITY added (see above)
		- QDesktopServices included (NB: experimental!)
		- uic3 included (experimental!)
		- fixed asl requesters on pubscreen issue
		- fixed window max size issue
		- Qt prefs app added
		- mouse wheel support added
		- installation script added
		- removed the qmake path bug
		- designer compiled (SDK only)
		- New icon set by Mason
		- Multiselect in menus

0.7.1b:	- rebuilt all the examples, demos, libs and plugins
		- removed chip demo
		- added a few examples
		- uic3 included

0.7b:	- Submenu closing bug fixed
		- Mouse cursor problems fixed
		- Control alt amiga detection implemented
		- Spawning windows problem fixed (??)
		- Animated tiles exit bug fixed
		- Drag and drop crashing problems fixed
		- Drag and drop flickering fixed
		- Native file requesters implemented
		- Select public screen implemented
		- Double click implemented
		- Dialog hang bug fixed (again, sigh...)
		- ".config:" assign bug FINALLY fixed
		- New env vars:

0.6b:	- QProcess added
		- clipboard support added
		- drag'n'drop added
		- tooltips added
		- image formats added
		- mouse grabbing in graphics scene fixed
		- QCursor implemented

0.5b: - Stability took a HUGE leap forward when I fixed the grim exit bug :-D
	 - Proxy widgets now work without opening their own windows
	 - Toolbars and dock widgets now fully functional
	 - Resize fixed
	 - Mdi's work ok
	 - GLWidgets now work, although they are slow because of twin blits
	 - popups now work properly
	 - Font sizes now work
	 - Font antialiasing now works (still a few issues)
	 - QT_HOME env variable added

0.2a: More stability
	 Input handling for most widgets

0.1a: First alpha-alpha release.

===== THANKS TO =====

Everyone supporting and testing this software.

Special thanks to Mason and tommysammy for the cool icon collection.

Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved