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 Readme for:  Office » Wordprocessing » abiword.lha


Description: AbiWord 2.8.6 r4 for AmiCygnix
Download: abiword.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 54Mb
Version: 2.8.6r4
Date: 17 Aug 2020
Author: AbiSource development team <http://www.abisource.com> - OS4 port by Edgar Schwan
Submitter: Edgar Schwan
Email: eds/amicygnix de
Homepage: http://www.amicygnix.de
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1, AmiCygnix V1.6
Category: office/wordprocessing
Replaces: office/wordprocessing/abiword.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11387
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 625  (Current version)
3410  (Accumulated)
Votes: 5 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Welcome to my sixth release of the word processor AbiWord! AbiWord is part of a
larger project known as AbiSource, which was started by the SourceGear
Corporation. The goal of the project was the development of a cross-platform,
Open Source office suite beginning with AbiWord, the project's word processor.

1. New in this release

  * The program was linked with GTK+ 2.24.32. As a result, drag and drop now
    works among other things. Content and other things can now be moved with the
    mouse and much more.

  * The included Aspell catalogs in German and English for spell checking have
    been updated.

  * Various libraries have been updated:
    - libwpd-0.9.9: A library for reading and writing Corel WordPerfect(tm)
    - libwps-0.2.10: A library for reading Microsoft Works word processor
    - wv-1.2.9: Word Document Filter library and utilities.

  * The localization code has been revised. With the new features of AmiCygnix
    1.6, AbiWord can now use all available languages. Languages like "Canadian
    English" were not possible before.

New in 2.8.6 r3

  * Because of a bug in the last package, charts could not be created or edited
    in Gnumeric tables. Fixed now. Thanks to Michael Kus!
  * Program relinked with the latest libraries.
  * Various minor optimizations

New in 2.8.6 r2

  * Keyboard layouts that do not conform to ISO-8859-1 standard (eg Polish or
    Greek keyboards) are now better supported.

    This includes support for dead keys. This version of AbiWord can be
    installed on AmiCygnix V1.2, but for a complete support of dead keys, the
    installation of AmiCygnix-Base V1.3 (or better) is mandatory!

  * "AbiWord" can now import pictures in SVG and XCF (Gimp) format.

New in 2.8.6 r1

  * New version 2.8.6 with many new features compared to the last version 2.6.2.
  * Gnumeric spreadsheets can now be embedded into an AbiWord document. You can
    load and edit existing spreadsheets or create new ones. Gnumeric 1.10.17 is
    integrated into AbiWord for this. You don't need to install the standalone
    package of Gnumeric!
  * With the new plugin "OpenXML" you can now load and save documents in .docx
    format (MS Word 2007+).
  * Compiled with GTK+ 2.24.
  * Several bugfixes.

Discontinued features:

  * Scripts (AbiScriptHappy plug-in)
  * PDF loader (never worked)
  * AbiDash plug-in


  AbiWord is a word processor with a lot of features:

     1. A familiar interface
     2. Outstanding file import and export, with support for MS Word,
        WordPerfect, OpenOffice, OpenDocument and more
     3. Gnumeric spreadsheets can be embedded into AbiWord documents
     4. Unlimited undo and redo capacity
     5. Solid (X)HTML export, with CSS styles support
     6. Images
     7. Spelling support, with optional underlining. Supported spelling systems:
        ispell, aspell and myspell.
     8. Bullets and Lists
     9. Styles
    10. Table of Contents generation and customization through the Stylist
    11. Complete, intuitive revisions-tracking support
    12. Nested tables support, nearly unmatched in the field
    13. Mail merge
    14. Bidirectional text support
    15. Command-line and server use modes for document processing capabilities
    16. HTML online help files are included (english, french, polish)

Gnumeric spreadsheets

  How can you embed a Gnumeric spreadsheet? Choose the menu item "Insert/Object/
  New...", select "Gnumeric spreadsheet" in the requester and click on "OK".
  Afterwards a Gnumeric window will be opened, where you can create or load an
  existing spreadsheet. After saving the spreadsheet, it will be added to the
  AbiWord document.

  Important: You must select the area of the spreadsheet which should be
             viewable before saving!


  The X11 environment AmiCygnix version 1.6 (or higher) must be installed
  before! AmiCygnix is available on OS4-depot (http://os4depot.net).

  To install the package, just click on the install icon. The data will be
  installed into the AmiCygnix package. Afterwards you can find the program in

Known Problems

  Please refer to "AbiWord-en.guide".


  If you like to support my work, you can make a donation by using paypal:


  Thank you very much!

Thanks to...

  ... Hans Verkuil for his initial port of X11R6.3 to OS 3.x
  ... Thomas Blatt (icons and beta test)
  ... Mario Locati (beta test)
  ... Michael Christoph (beta test)
  ... Guillaume Boesel, Costantino Damilakis and Krzysztof Sowinski
      for their help while fixing the dead key and keyboard layout problems.

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abiword-src.lha2.8.6r47Mb17 Aug 20204.1185¤ Abiword-src - Sources of the AbiWord 2.8.6 r4 package
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