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 Readme for:  Utility » Benchmark » cow3d.lha


Description: Draw a textured 3D cow with Warp3D
Download: cow3d.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 974kb
Version: 5.0
Date: 29 Nov 2015
Author: thellier@free.fr (Alain Thellier)
Submitter: uploader
Homepage: http://thellier.free.fr/Wazp3D.htm
Requirements: AmigaOS4
Category: utility/benchmark
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 9590
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 313  (Current version)
313  (Accumulated)
Votes: 3 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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The ultimate Warp3D testing tool (now for Aros & AmigaOS4 ppc)
It draw a textured cow object then draw upside a quad with a cosmos texture
Compiled with GCC. Use Warp3D library (needed)
Also demonstrate how to code efficiently Warp3D for OS3 or OS4
If Warp3D was too difficult for you this example will change your mind 

French: Le prog ultime pour tester Warp3D en traçant une vache 3D texturee
puis trace par dessus un rectangle a texture de cosmos
Compile avec GCC. Bibliotheque Warp3D necessaire
Montre comment programmer efficacement Warp3D pour OS3 ou OS4
Si Warp3D etait trop complique pour toi Tu changera d'avis avec cet exemple

v3.0 Sept  2011: Draw FPS correctly on Aros too. Now works with Wazp3D using
"hard overlay"
v4.0 March 2012: Try to use W3D_InterleavedArray() on OS4 
v5.0 Sept  2012: Use W3D_DrawElement() on OS4 ==> faster

GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) 
Author: Alain THELLIER - Paris - FRANCE - 2010

Install Warp3D.library or Wazp3D.library
Copy Cow3D-Amiga and the textures Cow_256X256X32.RAW & Cosmos_256X256X32.RAW
where you want

This program is used to test Warp3D speed, states, functionnalities & zbuffer
Better speed results are obtained with keys 'o' 'e' 'b' and srcfunc=1  dstfunc=0

It print all the possible informations for your Warp3D driver(s) 
It draw a textured cow object then draw upside a quad with a cosmos texture
So you can check if a given 3d-driver can really do a feature


'f' display frame per seconds and infos on screen

'o' use an optimized rotation function  (faster) (default)

'r' rotate object or not

'b' Allocate a big points-buffer. Compute & store the objects for each frame.
Then use the buffered objects
	No more computation = faster . Only the 3d-hardware is used. 
	WARNING: this options use lots of memory (around 5 MB)

'z' use zbuffer (default yes)

'u' update zbuffer (default yes) (need to use zbuffer)

'1' to '8' change zbuffer test (default 2 = Z_LESS)

'Z' zbuffer tests
draw some test-rectangles & zspans
Zbuffer is cleared with z=0.90 so depending on zmode/zupdate the 7 quads,dotted
line or line should appear 
	1) write a zspan in zbuffer at z=0.9 (with mask 1 pixel,show 1 pixel) but on
the the test-rectangles use same z values as the rectangles
	2) write a zspan in zbuffer at z=0.5 in the midle of the test-rectangles 
	3) write a zspan in zbuffer from  z=0.01 to 0.99  
	4) draw 7 quads as various depth with various colors (z values =
	5) draw 7 quads at the same depth = sticked to the face = appears if use a z
equal zmode
	WARNING: 1 to 3 dont works on most drivers

'g' grey = read the zbuffer as grey values
	WARNING: this options dont works on most drivers
	if fail draw as red

't' triangle - draw with W3D_DrawTriangle() = slower

'e' elements - draw with W3D_DrawElements() = faster (default) 

'p' points - draw as points with W3D_DrawPoint() = slow  
	WARNING: this options dont works some drivers
'l' lines - draw as lines with W3D_DrawLineLoop() = slow  
	WARNING: this options dont works some drivers

'0' zero - draw as big points/lines (use it with 'l' or 'p') = very slow
	WARNING: this options dont works on some drivers

'c' use colors not texture (default no)

'h' hide back faces (=culling) (default yes) 
	WARNING: this options dont works with some drivers

'P' point test : draw a small/big point & draw a small/big line (use it also
with 'c') 
	WARNING: this options dont works on some drivers

'L' line  test : same as 'P'

'w' warp3d is patched (default no)
	Reimplement the functions for drawing lines/points (but dont change
W3D_Drawelements() nor W3D_Drawarray())
	Implement Read/WriteZspan/Zpixel() but this dont works on most drivers
	WARNING: this options dont works on most drivers

's'	change srcfunc
'd'	change dstfunc
'S' or 'D' change both srcfunc & dstfunc (so typing 'D' 255 times show all
possible effects)
then do W3D_SetBlendMode(context,srcfunc,dstfunc);

default is srcfunc=1 dstfunc=1

For srcfunc=1 dstfunc=0 dont display the cosmos quad so the cow is still visible

Just remember:
src is cosmos-quad 
dst is cow-object & background

'm'	change texenvmode
then call 	W3D_SetTexEnv() with this texenvmode for the 2  textures
		envcolor for tex1 is green
		envcolor for tex2 is blue

Copyright © 2004-2019 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved