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Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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blitz.lha0.8740kb29 Apr 054.0136¤ Blitz - C++ template class library for scientific computin
fftw-single.lha3.1.21Mb16 Jun 084.0104¤ Fftw-single - FFTW3 - single precision version
fftw.lha3.1.21Mb16 Jun 084.0108¤ Fftw - FFTW3 - a math library
libatan2fix.lha52.110kb07 Jan 074.0287¤ Libatan2fix - the atan2fix link library
libgmp.lha6.0.01Mb11 Jul 144.073¤ Gmp - OS4 port of GMP ( GNU Multiple Precision Maths...)
libode.lha0.125Mb19 Jun 124.091¤ Libode - Open Dynamics Engine library
libtommath.lha0.401Mb15 May 074.0113¤ Libtommath - libtommath - Multiple precision arithmetic
ode.tgz0.52Mb17 May 054.0152¤ Ode - ODE and Opcode
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