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 File comments for:  Utility » Benchmark » gfxbench2d.lha


Description: A 2D graphics benchmark tool
Download: gfxbench2d.lha
Version: 2.10
Date: 24 Jun 2024
Category: utility/benchmark
FileID: 12978
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/benchmark/gfxbench2d.lha

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Comment by: derfs ( 12 Jul 2024, 16:57File version: 2.10
ignore the last comment - latest released version of newlib.library is 53.80
Comment by: derfs ( 12 Jul 2024, 16:46File version: 2.10
requires newlib.library v53.68 which is newer than the latest public version of 53.62 so will not work unless you have access to beta components.
Comment by: Hans ( 03 Jul 2024, 03:54File version: 2.10
That's odd. Try updating the z.library using AmiUpdate.
Comment by: Redlion ( 28 Jun 2024, 06:57File version: 2.10
Hi Hans,

I get assertion "LIB_IS_AT_LEAST(Zbase, 53, 6)"failed "static/autoinit_z_base.c, line 33 error.

How do I fix this
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 25 Jun 2024, 17:31File version: 2.10
GfxBench2D has always been a great tool! Got it updated today to the new version through latest AmiUpdate on my X5000/20 with Polaris 10 chipset. Thanks for the update! Hope there will be a GfxBench3D tool to test 3D functions or implement it on the already available tool. Keep up the excellent work.
Comment by: hans ( 21 Feb 2022, 05:06File version: 2.9
GdxBench3D was planned, along with better data analysis on the server side. The challenge is finding time to get it done (or cash to pay someone else). ;-)
Comment by: benny ( 29 Jan 2022, 15:59File version: 2.9
Thank you for the new version afdte 10 years :)

Will there ever be a GfxBench3D ?

Comment by: anonymous ( 21 Sep 2011, 14:00File version: 2.1
... and version within description is wrong, too. Should be 2.2 ;)
Comment by: Knug ( 02 Sep 2011, 23:00File version: 2.1
Wrong url in readme, should be "...benchmark/.." not "...benchmarks/.."

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