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 File comments for:  Utility » Script » kt_scripts.lha


Description: Helper scipts for Odyssey, Simplemail and others.
Download: kt_scripts.lha
Version: 1.2
Date: 28 Apr 2024
Category: utility/script
FileID: 12932
RSS Feed url: http://www.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/script/kt_scripts.lha

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Comment by: HKvalhe ( 28 Apr 2024, 16:32File version: 1.2
Happy to see a new update to this. Been quite some time. Thanks for the update.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 21 Feb 2020, 02:04File version: 1.1
Hold on! I got it working! I got it working! I comment out the second line. I swapped the ; thing on these two lines.
; =========== USER Settings ===========

SET Odyssey_Screen "Workbench" ; Comment out if you run Odyssey on it's own screen.
; SET Odyssey_Screen "Odyssey" ; Uncommnet and supply screen name if you run Odyssey on it's own screen.

; =================================

NOW it works! Thanks God! Finally! Alright, good work! :)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 21 Feb 2020, 01:59File version: 1.1
This is rather terrible confusing, as according to the script, it is just as you say it should be, but still delievers the problem. Odyssey runs it's own screen from its' own launcher, which is normal for a browser. Debug section also seems just like it should be.

It's very frustrating. I am convinced I'm not the only one having problem to access it with Context Menu. I'm pretty sure you must have overseen something when you made the script. It's possible you might have made it to work without accessing it with Context Menu, which is the case. When trying to access it with Context Menu, it claims the object is not found. This is rather very strange.

I don't even know what to comment out or not to comment out! This was never necessary to do before! Why make these scripts so incredible complicated? People don't like to mess with a bunch of commands and texts in a script. People want to run them out of the box in the program it was made for, without having to fiddle with it.
Comment by: ktadd ( 21 Feb 2020, 00:05File version: 1.1
Oh.."REQUESTCHOICE: object not found"...that's new information.
In the script make sure that the following lines exist and that you didn't comment (place a ; ) out both lines. One of these lines must not be commented out or you will get the error you are getting.
; =========== USER Settings ===========

; SET Odyssey_Screen "Workbench" ; Comment out if you run Odyssey on it's own screen.
SET Odyssey_Screen "Odyssey" ; Uncommnet and supply screen name if you run Odyssey on it's own screen.

; =================================

Also, just below the Debug section make sure the following line exists and is not commented:
SET window_title "Set Odyssey User Agent"
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 22:35File version: 1.1
I tried to copy SetOdysseyUserAgent to RAM and went to Odyssey's Preference in the Context Menu setting, adding this as page with the label Set User Agent and the action as RAM:SetOdysseyUserAgent The result says "REQUESTCHOICE: object not found". It should be noted that the output windows says to be a OWB Output Window, but the name of the browser is Odyssey, NOT OWB!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 21:54File version: 1.1
There's a terrible mess trying to make the User Agent Odyssey script to work through Context Menu in Odyssey. Standalone, it works right away. Even if the location for the script is Work:Internet/Browsers/Odyssey/KT_Scripts/SetOdysseyUserAgent and that has been configured in the Context Menu setting of Odyssey just as told, it still replies saying "REQUESTCHOICE: Object not found". I'm still convinced there is something wrong with the script to make it work with Context Menu.

It should be noted that I run latest AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update 1 and Workbench Enhancer 1.5 on my SAM460ex. Also have the latest MUI5 setup.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 20:04File version: 1.1
Just tried to move SetOdysseyUserAgent to RAM and typed RAM:SetOdysseyUserAgent in the action field of the Context Menu setting. The message reveals this: Work:Internet/Browsers/Odyssey/KT_Scripts/SetOdysseyUserAgent: Unknown command
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 19:33File version: 1.1
Try coping the SetOdysseyUserAgent to Ram: and setting the action field to Ram:SetOdysseyUserAgent then run it from the menu.
This should verify if it is a path problem or not.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 19:15File version: 1.1
Thanks for explaining. I set it to be called Internett because of Norwegian referrence, but that might just be confusing. It's possible I would need to do some redirection of the apps in Work and give it a proper setup. I'll look into it.

So the script should actually have worked even that mine is Work:Internett/Odyssey/KT_Scripts/SetOdysseyUserAgent

I'll see what I can do with cleaning up the address mess in my Work setup.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 19:04File version: 1.1
Alright, sending to your Yahoo account right away. Thanks!
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 19:01File version: 1.1
Try sending email to ktadd-1ATyahoo.com (Replace AT with @).
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 18:56File version: 1.1
If you path is indeed: Work:Internett/Odyssey/KT_Scripts
then set action to Work:Internett/Odyssey/KT_Scripts/SetOdysseyUserAgent

I notice that you have two t's at the end of internet in your path. Are you sure it is Internett (which is spelt wrong) or is your path actually with one t. In that case it would be.
If you have the path set wrong you will see the error you are getting. There is not reason it shouldn't work if you have the path set correctly.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 18:39File version: 1.1
My email comes from online address. Ok so no extra command. The problem with the location you refer to is that mine is NOT Work:Internet/Browsers/Odyssey/KT_Scripts but rather Work:Internett/Odyssey/KT_Scripts. When I typed the last one into action, it replied with "object not found". But perhaps I should try to write your location anyway, despite not really being that location I have in my setup.

Running the script outside running Odyssey works right away and I can pick my choice from there, no problem. I try to send you a new email again from my Online address.
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 18:15File version: 1.1
Sorry your having trouble. I checked my email and spam folder and don't see an email from you. Please try sending another email if you still need help.

There is no location dependency in the script. Please double check your "Action" and make sure it exactly matches the path to the script. Also, do not put a %u at the end. No suffix is required. If you still have problems please email me the output you are receiving when you run the script. Also, in the script set the Debug variable to 1 then run it and email be the output. The script can be run without Odyssey running. What happens if you just double click on the script and run it without Odyssey running?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 17:11File version: 1.1
I have my KT_Scripts set in this setup of mine. Work:Internett/Odyssey. It seems that the scripts is tied exactly to where you have your scripts generally. This should be an independent choice. No matter the fact that I typed Work:Internett/Odyssey/KT_Scripts/SetOdysseyUserAgent in the action part for the Contex Menu settings, it claims that the object is not found. Please take a look at your script again and change the location to be indepedent.

Also, check your email I sent to you. I need to know exactly how to set it up. It should have worked just the way I typed it, and suspected the command %u to be used, since it's a page command, I think. Sorry for typing more comments about this here, but this is important and only place to get that attention.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 16:26File version: 1.1
Now your explanation is better. I suspected something like that, so I just did that. The problem is that where to put the page action command during where to find the SetOdysseyUserAgent thing you mentioned. By the way, I sent you an email nearly half a day ago. You might likely find it in your spam folder. Thanks for helping.

At least the script works as it should. It certainly has important spoofing abilities that could be implemented into a new version of Odyssey. This is very useful.
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 07:03File version: 1.1
Hi guys,
Glad that there is intrest in the scripts. Dispite my efforts at writing decent documentation it seems I wasn't clear enough on how to install and use the scripts. As far as where to put the scripts you can really place them anywhere you want and just make sure when you setup the context menu's you fill in the field telling where to find the scripts.

Here is what I did. In the directory where you find the Odyssey program I created two directories. One named Arexx and I put all the Odyssey scripts that end in .rexx into that directory. The seoncd directory I created was called KT_Scripts and I placed the "SetOdysseyUserAgent" in there. If you look at the Arexx scripts readme is has a section titled "To Install" that mentions where to put the scripts. The exception is the Duplicate Tab readme. I didn't make it clear in that document but you can do that same as with the other Arexx scripts. If you would like more discussion or help, fell free to email me or to ahead and start a discussion on https://www.amigans.net or https://www.amigaworld.net.
Comment by: white ( 20 Feb 2020, 05:26File version: 1.1
Hi, I would like to use this script, but I honestly didn't understand how to set it up and where to put the files in the Odyssey directory.
It is possible to have some suggestions.
I read the readme but I couldn't understand where to place the scripts.
Thank you!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 04:50File version: 1.1
Without spamming, could I suggest for you to work closer with Kas1e on adding the features from your scripts into a new version of Odyssey? I'm sure he would greatly appreciate any help on providing a new version of Odyssey. One of the reasons why a new version would be essential now, is because YouTube is undergoing another change to what browsers to support. For us Amiga users, this might cause problems, so a new version would be very helpful. Last version of Odyssey 1.23r4 is from 2013. We are now into 2020, so you see my point. Anyway, keep it up.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 04:34File version: 1.1
I'll send you an email. I have my setup a little different from what is mentioned as an example in the readme file. Thanks for explanation.
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 04:28File version: 1.1
If you need help feel free to email me. My email is in the readme files.
Comment by: ktadd ( 20 Feb 2020, 04:26File version: 1.1
Read the readme files that are for the individual scripts. They tell you how to set the script up to be executed from the Odyssey context menus. Adding features to the Odyssey source would be nice but I am unable to compile to source so the scripts are the next best thing.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 20 Feb 2020, 02:57File version: 1.1
How to setup this script to use in Odyssey anyway? The readme file forgot to mention that an action command also has to be set. Not just where the script is. I'm not even sure that certain scripts are the solution. Only a new version of Odyssey with new and better features is the solution, really.

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