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 Files uploaded by Peter Gordon

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
lights.lhadem/mis1.035kb10 Jun 044.0441¤ Lights - Light effect on WB
tunnel.lhadem/mis1.0301kb10 Jun 044.0471¤ Tunnel - Raycast tunnel on WB
taiwan.lhadem/sce1.04Mb05 Sep 104.0247¤ Taiwan - Demo from Sundown 2010
viagra.lhadem/sce489kb20 Jun 084.0645¤ Viagra - Viagra by Mewlers
africa.lhadem/sce/fit1.05Mb28 Nov 074.0333¤ Africa - Dr. Fungi goes Africa by Fit
dr_fungi.lhadem/sce/fit0.12Mb27 Nov 074.0291¤ Dr_fungi - Dr. Fungi by Fit
micery.lhadem/sce/fit1.0202kb28 Nov 074.0450¤ Micery - Micery by Fit & Bandwagon
yellowrose.lhadem/sce/fit1.0134kb28 Nov 074.0555¤ Yellowrose - Yellow Rose of Texas by Fit & Bandwagon
dasm.lhadev/cro2.20.10518kb04 Aug 054.0303¤ Dasm - Multi-CPU cross assembler
cwe.lhadev/exa72.97.3a848kb27 May 074.0448¤ Cwe - A very basic wolfenstein engine
sdl-newlib.lhadev/lib/too1.2.132Mb09 Jul 094.0305¤ Sdl-newlib - Simple Direct Media Library (SDL) for Newlib
sdl-shared.lhadev/lib/too1.2.13969kb09 Jul 094.0396¤ Sdl-shared - Simple Direct Media Library (SDL) shared version
sdl-src.lhadev/lib/too1.2.134Mb09 Jul 094.0106¤ Sdl-src - Simple Direct Media Library (SDL) source
stripsvn.lhadev/uti1.02kb09 Jul 094.0429¤ Stripsvn - Remove SVN metadata (.svn dirs) from a dir tree
oricutron.lhaemu/com1.22Mb02 Nov 144.1109¤ Oricutron - Oric-1 / Atmos / Telestrat / Pravetz 8D emulator
blitzen.lhaemu/mis0.325kb07 Jan 074.0945¤ Blitzen - Blitter emulator for OS4 machines without chipset
giddy3.lhagam/pla1.44Mb02 May 094.1364¤ Giddy3 - Great platform game
hexymines.lhagam/puz0.1467kb29 Nov 064.0258¤ Hexymines - Hexagonal Minesweeper (SDL)
propercropper.lhagra/con1.423kb16 Mar 134.0340¤ Propercropper - Easily scale/crop images to fit your screenmode
pnger.lhagra/edi0.1238kb04 Apr 084.0385¤ Pnger - Low-level PNG editor (TweakPNG clone)
snowflakes.lhagra/mis1.014kb09 Dec 084.0608¤ Snowflakes - Snowflakes falling on your WB!
pftp.lhanet/ftp1.2739kb02 Jul 124.11480¤ Pftp - Advanced FTP/SFTP client
pftp_deu.lhanet/ftp0.242kb20 Feb 084.0304¤ Pftp-de - German translation for PFTP
pftp_fra.lhanet/ftp0.254kb07 Mar 084.0282¤ Pftp_fr - French translation for PFTP (including docs)
pftp_spa.lhanet/ftp0.28kb20 Feb 084.0134¤ Pftp-es - Spanish translation for PFTP
blackwidow.lhanet/ser/htt0.578kb19 Apr 054.0621¤ Blackwidow - BlackWidow. An OS4 native webserver
cranu.lhauti/arc1.1123kb19 Sep 104.1755¤ Cranu - Easy to use ReAction GUI for archivers
cclock_docky.lhauti/doc1.18kb05 Jul 044.01662¤ Cclock_docky - CPU meter and clock for OS4 AmiDock
clicketyflip.lhauti/mis1.132kb03 Sep 074.0644¤ Clicketyflip - Swap screens via middle mousebutton doubleclick
yae.lhauti/mis1.019kb02 Apr 084.0313¤ Yae - Yet Another Eval
stringins.lhauti/scr1.17kb27 Aug 094.0458¤ Stringins - Insert keypresses into the input stream
pciscan.lhauti/she1.4141kb09 Mar 064.01034¤ Pciscan - Lists, or tests for attached PCI devices
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