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 Readme for:  Utility » Workbench » excalibur.lha


Description: A workbench start menu
Download: excalibur.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 4Mb
Version: 1.4,2
Date: 10 Aug 2013
Author: Kjetil Hvalstrand
Submitter: Kjetil Hvalstrand
Email: kjetil hvalstrand/gmail com
Homepage: http://lifeofliveforit.blogspot.no/
Requirements: AmigaOS4.1
Category: utility/workbench
Replaces: utility/workbench/excalibur.lha
License: Public domain
Distribute: no
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 8175
Comments: 10
Snapshots: 6
Videos: 0
Downloads: 507  (Current version)
1690  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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About this program:

This Excalibur is a taskbar / start button for AmigaOS4 written in C,
in cooperation whit some of my friends, if you like to contribute, you can do so
by contributing themes, or ideas.
(originally the application was coded in blitz basic 2, under the name wb96,
original logos provided :-D)

Features of  version 1.4.2 of Excalibur:

* Start programs from menus or from the taskbar.
* Have as many menus you like for programs, movies, pictures.
* Change styles, and test how it looks whit out stooping the application.
* Monitor memory usage
* Display a clock.
* Quick screen switch buttons.
* Exchange support.
* Transparency support
* Predefined predefined themes.
* many visual options
* scroll wheel support for menus.
* menu editor and Prefs program
* Close/reopen when you change wb screen resolutions 
* Hide and unhide Excalibur (NEW). 
* Context menus for menus and toolbar icons (NEW).



* Fixed uninstall script
* Fixed install script I'm insalling into sys:Utilities, insted of sys:wbstartup
* Fixed some config issues (make clean, make all) 
* Changes "Amiga DOS" to "Shell" in the menu.
* Converted two PNG icons to Amiga icons.
* Removed starting of prefs program for the install script, it does not need to
be there, but kept the menu editor, as there are paths t
* Found a nice icon to replace the boing ball icon, a skull from Free Vectors.
* Created a icon menu button, just b&w.
* Added min/max to integer options in prefs.
* When logo is on top and inside the window is now scaled to logo width.
* Made a smaller back theme whit 14x14 textures, (I kept the old one). 
* Configured context menu for all theams.


* Improvement: Toolbar is now hidden until every thing is drawn.
* New feature: By clicking on border left or border right, you can hide
* Fixed: Mouse_over_clock() function fixed, formula was missing border top,
bottom, right.
* Fixed: Fixed sticky menu scrollbar.
* New feature: context menu
* Added move left, right, first, last to context menu for toolbar.
* Fixed: app buttons width and height, when no icons is present, returned wrong
* Fixed: lister bug, when the logo was on top, not all files where displayed
when menu was full.
* Fixed: one pixel height bug on selector.
* Added: Open option for context menu.
* Updated: Bloody preset, red color for screen and clock, and light red font
* Added: styles for context menu in prefs, font color, selected font color,
XEN/3D style, background color.
* Improvement: added support for styling on context menu Excalibur.
* Fixed: small toolbar, wrong values, did not precalc size of app icons correct,
before opening.
* Removed: middle mouse click to open drawer, context menus can do that,


* Improvement: Menu windows is now hidden until every thing is drawn.
* Fixed: Right mouse button now works in menus, for context menus (not yet
* Fixed: Screen switching did not work.
* FIxed: Swaped RGB problem on Clock and Screen.
* Fixed: Function MemBar() and MemBarColor() p, tot parameters are now unsigned.


* Changed: Grouping of prefs options, so its easier to find what your looking
* Added: A command line argument to reload to ExcaliburPrefs, this forces
Excalibur to reload prefs
* Fixed:  Positioning and calculation of app icons coordinates, when prefs was
* Added: Support for logos on top of the menu.
* Added: Loading and saving of logo placement (left,top).
* Fixed: Default settings was not set before reloading prefs
* Updated: Use presets scripts, now forces reload of settings in Excalibur
* Fixed: Crashes when changing screen-mode due to changes in the way Excalibur
open and close the toolbar. 
* Fixed: Text length in menu,  bug was only visible when you where using a large
* Fixed: Menu editor so when you move a menu item up or down, the selected item
stays the same.
* Fixed: Color for clock and screen did not change when config was reloaded.
* Updated: presets for Black, DjNick, 3d and Bloody
* Fixed: min_window height now its height left top+bottom or right top+bottom or
center top+bottom border height.
* Fixed: Datatype support, JPG/IFF/TIFF is now converted into ARGB format,
(ALPHA is assumed to be 0xFF)
* Fixed: toolbar border size for 3d and XEN, they where default 0.
* Fixed: icons in toolbar is also now reloaded.
* Added: wb96 preset for classic look. 
* Fixed: fixed one pixel cropping bug on icon rendering
* Changed: Max Icon size now defines height of toolbar icon not the width, (menu
rendering unchanged).
* Fixed: Menu selector was misplaced on first menu, but not on sub menus.
* Changed: Logo can now be higher then the menu.
* Added: RGB and BG RGB for memory bars.
* Added: Support for icons on About and Quit menu item.
* Changed: ENVARC:Excalibur/toolbar.csv so the Excalibur menu points to
* Changed: themes to copy icons into points to
* Changed: All font pen colors to rgb colors.
* Changed: All background pen colors to rgb colors.


* Fixed: toolbar save so it saves when you remove or drop icons, not when you
* Updated version number in user.guide and about window.


* Added: improved icons support for only icons / all files in menus and
* Added: move up and down to menu editor.
* Fixed: menu editor used wrong type id for divider.
* Fixed: Transparency was not the same for menu as toolbar.
* Added: stupidity check for transparency, toolbar can not be less then 25 of
* Disable_clock() crashed on exit, added a check if mutex is allocated.
* Fixed: menu editor, when you delete a menu, no text is printed anymore.
* BB emu API MakeCommodity(), changed to return MsgPort, so now it handles
* Fixed: Excalibur should now notice when Exchange event has happened, whit out
clicking on the window.
* Added: code to prevent Excalibur to be started more then once.
* Added: test button to prefs
* Added: code to unload/reload graphics, fonts and prefs.
* Fixed: Toolbar height calculation when prefs was reloaded
* Fixed: Fixed a memory leek, background bitmap not freed.
* Fixed: rendering of 3D and XEN screens


* Alpha blended Logo
* Menu divider texture is tiled and scaled up or down to fit.
* Added border to toolbar
* Save and load of font settings
* Save and load of RGB color options for clock and screens
* Some settings has changed name
* Toolbar icons, screens and clock is now relative to border
* Smarter posisitioning of toolbar icons
* prefs: added fonts to save routine and gui.
* prefs: added border textures for toolbar.
* prefs: RGB color option for clock and screens.
* Fixed black border texture in GIMP.
* Bjornar made a new logo for me.
* Svenn Ove Hansen, created some experimental textures.
* Fixed bug:  droping icons resulted in menu being saved to env, menu divider
lost bug.
* Fixed best_height calculation in menu, assumed toolbar to be 60 pixels, that
was wrong.
* logo is now scaled down if menu is too small.
* ASync memory bar redraw bug when dropping icons fixed.
* Clip background from window instead of background bitmap bug, fixed.
* Background texture in menu is now aligned whit border top texture, to support
DjNick theme.
* DjNick designed a theme
* Fixed DjNick theme, created a icon from textures, and left menu texture, cut
of some transparent empty space of right and bottom side of theme,
cropped down menu border textures so it worked on toolbar.
* Fixed up black theme, and bloody theme.
* Fixed check_ext() function checked .info instead of .ext (no major problem
unless I like to use it for some thing else)
* disk.info is now ignored.
* font shadow option changed to menu and toolbar instead of global
* max icon size option changed to menu and toolbar instead of global
* prefs program: default settings are now set, before config is loaded.
* GFXMEM can't be 64bit int, due to only 32bit api for memory in OS4, changed to
unsigned int32, max 4Gbytes.
* Membar drawn too often, due to refresh bug, added draw_gfx option to
membar::Memory() function.
* Fixed app icon state after, menu is closed after clicking a menu item.


* Button radius option in prefs
* Added border options for toolbar and menu 3D and XEN.
* Corrected many errors in calculations for menu.
* Background color for menu and toolbar are now individual.
* Improved rendering routines for toolbar icons
* Create_script() bug some files did not open when path was a volume.
* Fixed screen open/close notify bug. 
* Added XEN style to screens, clock and border.
* Set_screen_to_front() triggered a unnecessary refresh, bug fixed.
* Now program waits for signals like any normal programs does.
* Clock is now running as a subtask, and only renders when time updates, less
CPU usage!.
* New about window in reaction running as a own task (bb2 legacy free.)
* CHIPMEM,FASTMEM,GFXMEM and so on, upgraded to unsigned long long int (uint64),
should salve the negative memory problem.
* Mouse_over_clock() brings starts clock app when its disabled, bug fixed.
* None initialized values in menu, can result in crash, bug fixed.


* Updated "quick install" script whit some requesters.
* Changed excalibur prefs, now prefs has tabs, so it does not take all screen. 
* Executing shell from main menu did not work, fixed.
* New menu editor
* Time and date is now centered
* Corners on screen, time and memory bar is now round
* You can now click on the clock to start sys:prefs/time (12.10.2012).
* Bug found and fixed, when prefs was missing.
* updated install script again.
* removed version info from exchange (too many version numbers to keep update).
* Close when you change wb screen resolutions 


* fixed: added support for Icons in menus that don't have files (tooltype icons)
are now shown.
* added: slider rgb color to application and prefs
* added: new icons from TommmySammy (Thomas)
* updated: About


* fixed: added a check to see if alphaclip was allocated or not.
* fixed: Some variables where not correctly initialized
* fixed: some bad code in open_image.c, can result in application thinking
images was loaded when it was not.
* added error message when toolbar.csv can't be loaded.


* add basic toolbar icons support.
* toolbar icons supports menu.prefs, dirs and files.
* load toolbar icons
* save toolbar icons
* get toolbar to refresh when icons are dropped on toolbar
* clock shows date not just time
* reaction requester added, so you can remove toolbar icons.
* fixed: bg toolbar texture not loaded
* fixed: screen texture, was not used.
* fixed: alpha blend when logo is outside window did not work.
* prefs: added font shadow option.
* added scroll wheel support for menus.


* Prefs: added support for left, right, top, bottom border texture
* Prefs: logo can now put outside, or inside border.
* Prefs: Logo can now be displayed two ways.
* Excalibur: alphaclip support added
* Excalibur: libpng now used when loading PNG images to get alpha channel
* Excalibur: cleaned up loading of textures settings in prefs, code was
* Excalibur: pixel alignment problems inside the window previously not
* Excalibur: new struct for textures, to keep track of alpha channel and other


* Prefs: New: Open drawers options.
* Prefs: fixed close menu option now saved and loaded.
* Removed windir[9] table to make code more readable
* Close menu option did not work for directories
* Updated about window worng version info.
* Transparent icons now supported on scaled icons (AmigaOS4.1).
* Prefs: added max icon size
* Saving and loading of max icon size.
* Updated install script, added support for wbstartup prefs.
* new uninstall script
* Memory leek found and fixed
* Empty drawers are now textured also.
* Transparency support

V0.9.8 (bug fixes)

* Prefs: Excalibur directory is created if not found in ENVARC:
* New scrollbar (32bit) removed ugly gadtools scrollbar
* default ExcaliburMenu.prefs: SYS:Tools does not exist on AmigaOS4.1 update 3
  replaced by sys:Utilities
* ExcaliburMenu.prefs: replace tabs whit null in description
* Excalibur did not load background color, fixed
* New prefs application
* Prefs: ASL now filters paths and files correct
* Prefs: Trounced files names where not respected when prefs was saved.
* Excalibur: Files are now sorted.
* Menu: Examine() replaced by ExamineDir()
* Menu: ExNext() replaced by ExamineObject()
* menu: Execute() replaced by SystemTags()


* Compressed menu items (sized depends on icon size)
* Double buffered menus
* Logo moved closer to the edge
* Stroller turned off if not needed
* A big bug found and removed
* scroller update bug removed
* Scrollbar click bug 50% fixed
* Selected menu item update
* updated quick install script
* Basic drag and drop support
* Disk.info now loaded and not default icon.
* Fixed default path in ExcaliburPrefs 
* Icon scaling (Alfa channel not supported!)
* Show only icons option
* checksum used to update screen tabs, (not number of screens used in 0.9.6)
* added textures added to screens tabs
* Config prg: data typed in to the text-boxes are now saved.
* Config prg: enum values now used.
* background color can be changed (90% done)

Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved